This is a great program in Dutchess County.

This time of year is supposed to be a happy time of year with the holidays coming up. Spending time with family and friends, attending holiday parties all things that should be fun, but for some people it is also a very scary time of year.

The odds are that you or someone you know is dealing with addiction and this time of year the struggle to stay sober is extremely high and it is great to see that those people have a place to turn here in Dutchess County.

The program CAPE joined us in studio today. We had Elaine Trumpetto who is the Executive Director of CAPE (Council on Addiction, Prevention & Education) and Meghan Hetfield who is a Peer Engagement Specialist, to talk about some holiday tips to stay sober and a bunch more...

CAPE’s mission is to be recognized as the premier substance abuse and addiction prevention provider in the Mid Hudson Region, according to their website. They are doing all of this by implementing nationally established educational programs, policies, and services.

If you need help, CAPE can help by coming up with suggestions and resources that will help anyone who is struggling with addiction. They offer help online or over the phone at 845-765-8301.

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