It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Now that we're finally in the month of December we can flood your timeline with all the holiday goodness coming to the Hudson Valley.

From drive-thru light displays to Santa Claus sightings, the Hudson Valley is feeling the holiday spirit throughout every county. (Side note if you want to get in on the fun, you can join in our Show Us Your Lights contest).

As residents of the Hudson Valley, we all pay attention to our social media timelines for news going around our towns. Sometimes you may come across gems like the one I came across earlier this week.

I had to do a double-take when I saw Corona Claus on my Facebook timeline and once I realized it was a fun family scavenger hunt I was hooked. Here's how the Corona Claus Facebook page explained what they're all about:

Does the holiday season have you feeling down? Do you need help getting the family out of the house? The Hudson Valley has just the activity for you! Follow the clues to find the Corona Claus today!

Here's how it all works.

There are 5 hilariously adorable Corona Claus ornaments hidden around Dutchess County.

You can find them in Hopewell Junction, Union Vale and Millbrook. As Corona Claus gets more likes on Facebook they will share more clues as to where the other Corona Claus' may be hiding.

Once you find 1 of the 5 Corona Claus ornaments take a selfie and share #CoronaClaus, but to leave the Corona Claus where you found it and NOT share the location.

We've reached out to the creators of the Corona Claus creators about their inspiration behind it all. We'll share their story soon, stay tuned and happy hunting!


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