You don't see one of these very often. I always enjoy seeing the random items that get posted on Facebook and what crazy things people are trying to sell. Some of the items really are a blast from the past and it's amazing to see what people own. One item really stood out to me when I was looking and I'm sure there is someone out there who will purchase it.

What item is for sale in Dutchess County?

It's really cool to see something like this. In the Dutchess County buy or sell Facebook Group, a vintage Ocean Solid State Cassette Tape Recorder is for sale. The item is in new condition and the asking price is $40.

B. Goodwin/Dutchess buy and sell Facebook Group
B. Goodwin/Dutchess buy and sell Facebook Group

I hate to say this, but most younger people have probably never seen a cassette tape recorder or have any idea what it is. I'm not even sure that I've seen a real one, but it is like owning a little piece of history. Today cassette tapes are pretty much history and you really can't purchase them. You really have to do a deep dive online, but here's your chance to own something a little different and cool.

Did you own cassette tapes, which ones did you own? Would you purchase a cassette tape recorder? Do you think $40 is too much to ask? What's the amount of money you would list the item for? Share your answers with us right on the station app

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