Bricks believed to be from the "bygone era" recently washed up along the shores of the Hudson River in the region.

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According to Scenic Hudson, most small red rocks that wash up along the Hudson River are likely pieces of bricks from a "bygone era."

"The Hudson Valley was the brick-making capital of (the) world around the turn of the 20th century. Using rich clay deposits in the area to make the bricks and the mighty Hudson River to ship them, Hudson Valley brick makers shipped millions of bricks a year to New York City and beyond," Scenic Hudson wrote on Facebook.

Scenic Hudson shared the history lesson while posting photos of a brick found at the Esopus Meadows Preserve.

Officials say if you can still read words on a brick you find, that will tell you where the brick was made.

For example, the brick found at Esopus Meadows Preserve reads "Hutton." Which means this brick was manufactured at Hutton Brickyard in Kingston, according to Scenic Hudson.

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