Brad Paisley and Jimmy Kimmel both traveled to Austin for this year's South by Southwest Festival. Kimmel brought his talk show, and Paisley swung by to play some songs and show off some western wear.

Paisley, being the selfless man he is, decided to help Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo fit in a little better in Texas by providing wardrobe for the show — and boy was it country!

"I have a new clothing line, and I thought, you’re coming down here, you ought to dress like the locals," Paisley says. "Guillermo is going to model this for us, is that right?"

The sidekick then steps out sporting a blue patterned button down, white cowboy hat, brown boots and brown belt. Paisley begins to explain the ensemble, but he's not able to be heard over the crowd’s cheers of approval. Guillermo does couple of spins, which the crowd cheers for even louder. The clothes are from Paisley's Moonshine Spirit collection, but Paisley jokes he's rethinking the line after seeing Kimmel's sidekick sporting them.

"Yeah," he says, confirming the outfit is from his line, but "It didn’t look like that when we decided.”

Kimmel, on the other hand, says Guillermo looks "adorable." Guillermo agrees.

While on the show, Paisley sang "Crushin' It" and "Perfect Storm." Watch the interview above and the performances below.

Watch Brad Paisley Perform "Crushin' It" on Kimmel

Watch Brad Paisley Perform "Perfect Storm" on Kimmel

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