The body at Bash Bish Falls has been recovered.

Last week news broke that a Hudson Valley man had died at the popular hiking spot. 21 year-old Aiden Campion-Pratt, of Ghent New York, was walking on the rocks at Bash Bish Falls on Friday evening July 28, when he slipped and fell into the water.


Rescue personnel found Campion-Pratts body using underwater cameras on Sunday, July 20. Unfortunately, at the time, the rescue team was unable to retrieve the body due to where it had fell.

On August 5 David Capless, the Massachusetts District Attorney, announced through press release that Aiden Campion-Pratts body has been retrieved. The press release explains, "The body apparently became dislodged overnight by natural means from the crevice in which it had been trapped and was captured by netting placed in a pool below the crevice for just that eventuality."

Capless added "We are grateful that Aiden will be returned to his family and that a measure of closure can be theirs.  Our gratitude also goes out to the many investigators and rescue personnel who made this possible."

Bash Bish Falls is located on the state line of New York and Massachusetts and can be accessed in Columbia County.


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