Blake Shelton wore a big, pink bunny suit for Easter with the family, but at least one guest did not think he was adorable. In fact, she was screaming and crying as the singer tried to pose for a photo.

On Instagram, Gwen Stefani documented the couple's Easter weekend. It began with absolute reverence. The pair and Stefani's children were seen at the church Shelton built on his Oklahoma property. A wooden cross that hangs on the stone chapel's exterior was draped with purple cloth, and candles were lit inside. Carson Daly and his family were even there. If you recall, host of The Voice once considered becoming a priest — he even officiated Shelton and Stefani's wedding last year.

On Easter Sunday, things got a little goofy:

That's Shelton in an enormous pink bunny suit, and he couldn't look happier about it. The "Come Back as a Country Boy" singer's broad smile turns into a belly laugh at the end of a video shared on Stefani's Instagram wall. There was a posed photo at her Instagram Stories, as well — why not have a little fun for the kids, right?

At least two of the pop singer's children might be too old to be enamored with the "real" Easter bunny showing up, so 8-year-old Apollo must have been the target. Hold on — Daly his kids, too, including a 2-year-old named Goldie who must have loved seeing "Uncle Blake" dressed up.

Well, maybe not:

"Goldie's no so sure about this Oklahoma #EasterBunny," Daly explains. The poor girl looks terrified, and at least one person recognized that moment could cause lasting damage.

"Hope Uncle Blake is kicking in for the therapy that will be needed," Al Roker writes in the comments.

The video on Shelton's TikTok page has over one million views in under 24 hours.

"Come Back as a Country Boy" is found on his Body Language (Deluxe) album. Currently, he's between tour dates with nothing on his calendar until May. The new season of The Voice begins in the fall.

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