If you are like me and your world has seemed a bit hectic lately you may have asked if we are under a weird moon. Yes, I am one of those people who looks to the cosmos for answers to chaos in my life. Over the years I have learned that there are just periods of time when weird things seem to clump together for no particular reason so I always blame the moon.

Blaming the moon for things happening is not a new idea. Unfortunately, the moon has been taking the blame for things for centuries, According to listverse.com, we blame everything from Madness to Earthquakes to childbirth to crime. We even go as far as saying it can cause car accidents.

What is a Black Moon?


Whether any of that is actually true or just coincidence the fact is certain moons come with a predisposed lure or legend. A Black Moon is no exception. It doesn't help that it is called a Black Moon and that it is actually somewhat rare to do it adds to the allure that it could be causing mischief and more in our lives.

Put simply it is called a Black Moon because what we are seeing is the moon mostly darkening out or in what is called the New Moon stage and to be a Black Moon it needs to be the second one in a month where a previous New Moon has already occurred. The Blue Moon is when you see two Full Moons in one month.

When is the Black Moon in 2022

The Farmer's Almanac as you might imagine does a great job explaining the technical points behind the phenomenon. But one rumor I have heard that comes with this particular Black Moon which by the way is only happening for those of us in the Eastern or Atlantic time zones according to the information provided by the Almanac. So look for a shift after this Saturday, April 30, 2022, if things have been a bit crazy for you.

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