When black bears are on the move, they can sometimes get distracted. Oftentimes, they come across human foods that are easy to get to, especially if homeowners don’t take necessary precautions.

If this happens at your house, or your neighbors house, the bear may be hard to get rid of and, trust me, seeing a bear in your yard can be a frightening experience. A few years ago I couldn’t get back in my house fast enough after stepping off our back porch and seeing a black bear about fifteen feet away coming up our hill.


On June 1, residents in Nyack probably had a similar experience when a black bear was seen roaming throughout the village. After the Orangetown Police Department and the Town Animal Control officers had the bear confined in a back yard, a call was made to the NYDEC, and DEC biologist and bear specialist Matt Merchant responded.

Together they were able to tranquilize the bear, capture, then tag it before loading him off for a, hopefully, lengthy stay in the wilds of the Catskills.



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