For the past few weeks an actors name has been randomly coming up in conversation and now he's making an appearance in the Hudson Valley.

Last week AMC was playing Armageddon what seemed like every other day. Then I had a few friends ask if I've been watching Goliath on Amazon, which I haven't but clearly need to be.

Both projects star Billy Bob Thornton. I'm most familiar with from Bad Santa and Friday Night Lights, obviously.

It's a well known fact that Billy Bob is a talent artist and that includes in the music world. He's the lead vocalist for the band The Boxmasters. Their music is heavily influenced by 60's rock and roll, but with a little bit of a southern rock vibe too.

Lucky for us, we can catch them live here in the Hudson Valley. The Boxmasters will be playing live in New Paltz at the Ulster County Fair on August 1st.

My Billy Bob Thornton connection can come full circle. Tickets are on sale now.

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