It's a Cinderella story, out of nowhere. A former actor, about to become the bartending champion. It looks like a mira- IT'S IN THE HOLE! IT'S IN THE HOLE!

Iconic actor Bill Murray was recently spotted in Yonkers, acting as bartender for Xaviers Restaurant Group. If you asked me where I would expect to see Bill Murray, the answer wouldn't be behind a bar. He should instead be the lounge singer at the bar, serenading the audience with silly songs set to famous movie themes.

He was there to promote Slovenia Vodka for an upcoming photoshoot in Chilled Magazine. The vodka is a joint venture between Murray and fellow Rockland County residents Mikhail Baryshnikov and Kelly. Those are a bunch of names I didn't expect to see. Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria!

So what happens now? When Bill Murray wakes up tomorrow, does he relive the exact same day, having to be a bartender every single day until he learns to be a better person? Will he take some time off to go harass Richard Dreyfuss and his family on vacation? Will he go underground to assist Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes in a basketball game for their lives? Alright, that last one seems implausible, but I still demand answers.

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