If you're thinking about heading to the Big E this year, you may have to bring your mask.

The Big E is coming soon to West Springfield, Massachusetts. It's scheduled for September 13 through October 3 and if you're making plans to check it out, you better think about bringing some masks with you.

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Last year, there was no Big E due to the COVID-19 pandemic and now this year, the fair is back, but fair officials in West Springfield are considering a mask mandate for all fair goers.

The West Springfield Public Health Director told westernmassnews.com that a public hearing is being planned in just a few weeks to see whether or not the Massachusetts Board of Health can implement a mask mandate.

Now here's the catch. The meeting with the Board of Health is required to take place 14 days from the date of the hearing notice and the notice has yet to be posted, so officials will really be under the gun as the fair is just a little bit more than two weeks from now.

As of now, the mandate may just be for indoor events, but officials say that could change quickly to a full indoor/outdoor mask mandate as COVID-19 numbers continue to rise with the Delta variant.

Fair officials say they will provide vaccines at the fair for those who haven't got the shot yet. For now, keep an eye out as they decide if a mandate will be put into place for this year's fair.

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