Have you been itching to travel? Join the club! I love to travel and have always enjoyed getting on planes, trains or entering the car for a long multi-day ride. Where will my next adventure take me? There are a few places that are still on my list, can we get to anyplace and start out close to home, via Stewart Newburgh Airport? 

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What should anyone know about Stewart Airport in Newburgh, NY?

There are few places that are a short drive from anywhere in the Hudson Valley, and some of those can start from our 'local hometown airport' of Stewart Newburgh. This is one of the New York Port Authority Airports (NYPA), so this means that Stewart has a little more street cred than the rest of the upstate airports.

How much does it cost to park at Stewart Airport in Newburgh?

If you need to park your car and leave it in long-term parking, you can do this without to much stress. The long-term lot is just a few steps from the regular lot, so you don't need to get onto a shuttle from another parking lot, nope it is practically as close to the regular lot. The cost? The cost for long-term parking will cost you about $12 for every 24-hours. That is less than the other NYPA airports.

Which airlines currently fly out of Stewart Airport?

Currently, the only airlines that are flying out of Stewart (SWF) Newburgh are Frontier, with flights to Florida, and Allegiant Air, also with flights predominantly to Florida. The carriers American Airlines and Jet Blue, have mentioned that they will return to Stewart soon, with no actual target date.

Is there a shuttle bus from Stewart Newburgh to NYC?

There was a shuttle bus that ran daily from Newburgh directly to NYC and it cost only $20 to get on board. It looks like that shuttle is no longer running. There is a bus that will go from the Newburgh Bus Terminal to New York City, click here for that info. 

How can you get the super cheap airfares from Stewart Newburgh to Florida?

This is easy. You are looking for the cheap fares, the $15, the $35, the $55 or even the $72 one-way fares to Florida? The best way for you to get the inside info on these fares is to sign up directly with the airlines, directly with Allegiant or Frontier. The airlines will email you when they have the fare specials.

Does Stewart Newburgh have CLEAR ID?

If you have CLEAR ID, then you know what that is, it is how you scan your eyes and it then helps you to bypass the long security lines, while this is available at White Plains, LaGuardia, and Kennedy airport, it is not yet at Stewart Newburgh, NY.

When was the last time you were on a plane? Which airport did you fly out of? When will you use the Stewart Airport?

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