I'm all about riding a bicycle.  In fact, I have one that I ride almost everyday in the summer as a secondary form of exercise but when I'm doing so, I'm either a bike rider or I'm not.

Just today I was driving to work through Poughkeepsie and this guy on a bike was riding on the road so of course I slowed down and stayed behind him.  I was wondering why he didn't use the sidewalk but it's not really something he has to do.  THEN, the light turns red and he jumps on the sidewalk, crosses in the cross walk and then jumps back on the road.

Pick one.  You are either a bike rider and riding the road and need to obey the same laws that vehicles do or you are a bike rider riding the sidewalk and you need to obey the same rules as walkers.  Just because you are one a bicycle doesn't mean you get to pick and choose.

I think this bothered me so much because, if I have to be stuck behind you, then you should have to stop at the same lights I do.  You didn't get that far ahead of me and got my hopes up that I wouldn't be stuck behind you again.

Either way, pick one.  You want us as vehicle operators to respect you and give you room, don't be a jerk.


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