We still have a few weeks of great weather in New York State.  If you're thinking about spending some days camping, these campgrounds might be perfect.

Looking to end the summer with a perfect weekend around a campfire?  Temperatures are still perfect during the day for some swimming or canoeing on a lake and the nights are just cool enough that you'll get some incredible sleep.

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If you're looking for the best campgrounds to close out your summer and you don't want to drive far, why not check out these ones that made a list of the "11 Best Places to Camp in the American Northeast?"

New York is represented twice on the list

People who have traveled to New York and explored this state outside of New York City know that New York has an incredible mountain range with the Adirondack Mountains and some unbelievable freshwater lakes and waterfalls.  They both provide an incredible backdrop for day hikes and watersports.  But they also give you an up-close look at nature like you can't get anywhere else.

The two campgrounds that made the "Best Of" list are Eighth Lake Campground in Inlet, New York, and Lake George Escape in Lake George, New York.

Eighth Lake Campground

This campground can be found in the Adirondacks.  The first reason they highlighted it was its incredible fishing.  This place is perfect for trout fishing in season and they're well known for their salmon ponds too.  Their close proximity to Old Forge make it a perfect place to bring the kids too because there's a ton to do there.  With non-peak season starting after Labor Day, you could probably get a killer deal on booking too.

Lake George Escape

Obviously, this one is right on Lake George.  Lake George Escape made the list because not only is it beautiful, but there are a ton of sites and cabins.  According to their website, they're a 5-star rated campground.  They also add that it's close to a bunch of other activities like the Great Escape, Splashwater Kingdom, and Water Slide World.

There are easily a ton of other campsites that could have made this list from New York State.  Do you have a favorite?

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