There's a celebration in order this week! Dutchess County hotspot, Beacon, is celebrating a big birthday.

The Beacon Historical Society posted on Facebook that the southern Dutchess town has a birthday on May 15th. So how old is Beacon turning? Age is nothing but a number, but they share:

Our city was founded on May 15, 1913 -- making this our deca-centennial celebration! Hats off to our historic community and all who have called it home through 110 years of progress.

110?! Beacon, you don't look a day over 45! The Beacon Historical Society added a handful of photos of Beacon's past, take a peek and let us know if you recognize any of the locations and what they are now:

Of course, you have the infamous Mount Beacon Incline Railway that is, obviously, no longer in service that used to bring folks to the top of Mount Beacon where a casino used to reside. If you hike the mountain today, you will see the tracks and parts of the railway's engine room still standing.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here's a Beacon fun fact: Did you know Main Street in Beacon is one of only 3 Dummy Lights still standing in the United States? The Dummy Light has seen better days, as over the past few years it's been getting a little beat up from traffic and construction.

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Do you have a favorite spot in Beacon? There's no better week to explore Beacon and celebrate 110 years! Take a stroll down Main Street or take in the views at Long Dock Park.

Happy Birthday, Beacon!

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