Was dad wrong to do this to his son?

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives, but there are times that our kids can push us to the point of possibly making a bad situation even worse. If you have kids you have probably experienced the phase of life where your child won't stay in their bed a night. It can be one of the most frustrating things a kid can do. Being frustrated, one Hudson Valley dad tried something different to get his son to stay in his room.


Dad Scares Son to Stay in Room

Dad sent us an email asking if he was wrong to scare his son into staying in his room. Here is what he sent us,

"Guys, I wonder if you think I was wrong in the way I tried to teach my son to stay in his bed. My 4-year-old has never given us a problem when it comes to staying in his bed, until NOW! Every night we do pretty much the same thing. around 7 p.m. we head into his room we read a story and most nights by 7:30 he's ready to go to sleep. That worked for a while but for the last three weeks, he keeps getting out of his bed. EVERY NIGHT! We do have an alarm system at the house and I told him that when the red light is on that means the alarm is on and he shouldn't leave his room. That worked for a few days but now he's starting to press his luck and keeps coming further and further out of his room. I told him if he keeps doing it the alarm would go off. I've told him for almost a week that if he keeps coming out it's going to go off. Still trying me...the other night I opened the app for the alarm and when he came out of his room I hit the test alarm button. It went off and as it blasted throughout the house he started screaming and ran back into his room. My wife and I went in and he was really scared crying and hyperventilating. My wife flipped out on me and said that I shouldn't have done it because now he is petrified about getting out of his room. So, was I a bad parent for scaring my kid so he would stay in his room at night?"

After reading this on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show many listeners were spilt 50/50 on where it was a good or bad idea. Bad parent? What do you think? Call or text us through the Wolf Country app.

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