This will be baby girls first Halloween where she can actually go out and trick or treat because last year she was only 2 months old.

My wife has thought about it and researched it and finally decided what she wanted little miss baby girl to be for Halloween.

We set out looking for her costume and surprisingly enough, we were able to find it pretty quickly.  Aside from needing a few accessories to complete it, we were done in about an hour.

This crazy weather has made the planning a bit difficult because it's going to probably be chilly but just how chilly is the question.

We had to get tights for under her costume because it goes with the costume and she's 1 so she needs to keep her legs warm.  We also had to get a shirt for under it because ti's a short sleeve costume and then we had to get shoes because the costume didn't really make sense without them.

$100 later, her costume is complete.  $100.

The costume was only $20 and the shoes were like $15.  WHERE did the rest of the money come from?

Why did we have to spend $100 for a 1 year old to go trick or treating?  That's a LOT of candy that she can't even really eat.

I'm not complaining about spending the money on her costume but $100 is a little much.

Remember when we had those little plastic mask costumes that cost like $10?

I hate adulting.

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