If you've enjoyed a trip to, fast-food giant, McDonald's before then you're familiar with the ongoing joke.

There's just something different about McDonald's ice cream, especially when it's in a McFlurry creation. Now personally, I haven't had a McFlurry in years...mostly because anytime I did visit McDonald's the McFlurry machine was broken.

For the last few years that been the ongoing inside joke between McDonald's fans. If you wanted a McFlurry you had to go to several different locations until you found a machine that actually worked.

Well, it's 2020 so worry no more! A *genius* created the new website mcbroken.comThe website breaks down every McDonald's location with an update on its McFlurry machines.

Of course, I took the time out of my day today to check out which locations in the Hudson Valley are good to go.

If your sweet tooth is in overdrive, these are the McDonald's locations that DO NOT have their McFlurry machine up and running at the moment:

RT 52 West, Pine Bush
4258 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park
1232 Ulster Avenue, Kingston

Only 3 out of a handful of locations in the Hudson Valley aren't working? Not bad at all. We're proud of you Hudson Valley McDonald's locations.

The McFlurry was whipped up on the scene back in 1997. The McFlurry's usually on tap are McFlurry with Oreos and McFlurry with M&M's.

If you'd like to help with keeping the mcbroken.com website running successfully and accurately you can donate to the cause and send any McDonald's McFlurry information to the website creator.


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