The license plate wars continue. There are some states, like Florida and Michigan, where you only are issued one license plate and it goes on the rear of your car, so you do not have a front plate. 

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In states like New York, (and so many others) you are issued two license plates when you register your vehicle and they both need to be on the car. I have had friends try to put that European looking plate (even with their NYS Tag number on it) and they have been the not so happy receiver of a ticket because of it.

So what happens when you decide you don't need to register your car, can you put a cardboard plate on it? Yep, one that you have just made yourself?

There is a person who I see, regularly, in the Town of Kent who thinks that this is legal. I keep trying to make out what is written on the cardboard, and they zoom passed me too quickly for me to catch it.

But, is this legal? I am not talking about a temporary paper tag that you get from a place when you buy a car. I am not even talking about someone who went to the effort by trying to make the cardboard plate even remotely look like an actual New York license plate that you see on everyone's car that has been registered in New York State.

If you see one of these plates, can you take a photo of it and send it to us using the app? I would love to see what the plate actually says and if you are in law enforcement, could you tell us what ticket you would give someone if you were to pull them over for this potential violation? Thanks in advance.

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