It really is the end of an era. I'm proud to admit that I still have my iPod touch and iPod nano in my room...somewhere in it. The iPod has been a huge part of our lives and back when the first one came out, it was crazy to be able to take your music with you to the gym, on a walk, or just around the house in a compact case.

Apple Launches Upgraded iPod
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According to Apple, the iPod was introduced to people over 20 years ago, and being able to take your music everywhere has been a huge part of Apple's product line.  If you're feeling a little nostalgic, you can still purchase an iPod touch while supplies last.

The Hudson Valley's vote:

I'm pretty confident that almost everyone in the Hudson Valley has had an iPod at some point in their life, or at least used one. I put up a poll online to see what kind of iPod was the Hudson Valley's favorite and here's what we found out.

The least favorite type of iPod:

Apple's New iPod Shuffle Goes On Sale
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Bad news first, the iPod SHUFFLE is the least favorite model around here. I have to agree, I never understood how to use this and it was always frustrating not to be able to see what song was coming up next. Sorry iPod shuffle.....we won't miss you.

And the Hudson Valley's favorite type of iPod is......

New iPod Launch
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It warms my heart a bit to see this, the classic iPod won this battle. I think what made it so special was that at the time it came out, we really had nothing that looked this cool and let us take our music on the go. The screen was big so it was easy to see what song was coming up next and to navigate it.

Other classic things about having an iPod:

  • We won't tell but remember downloading music from "different" sources and the song title would look like NH897HSLP5431
  • You were terrified to leave it somewhere, have your dog eat it, or accidentally leave it in a pocket and have it get washed in the washing machine
  • Every school bus ride or long car ride home you'd listen to it
  • You and your best friend would each take one headphone, put it in your ear, and share the same iPod, ahh the memories

Thank you, Apple for changing the way we listen to music and making a huge impact on our lives. If you still have any kind of iPod, send us a picture of it on the station app.

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