The Folks at Magic Wheelchair did what they do best and brought another amazing experience to a special little boy from right here in the Hudson Valley.

Dani Masterson and David Ringwood head the Hudson Valley chapter of Magic Wheelchair. Their mission is to help make kid's dreams come true.

Noah, from Middletown just received his new wheelchair this past weekend after a big unveiling at the Poughkeepsie Galleria.


Noah, dressed up like his favorite character, Snotlout 'How to Train Your Dragon.' It was only fitting after hopping on his new mount designed after the dragon, Hookfang. This isn't Ring Master Builders' first rodeo. They're professionals. This is their second build in the Hudson Valley since August.

These builds are easy to slide over the existing chair. They don't make any permits changes.

If you know any child who would like their wheel chair modified to they imagination be sure to reach out.

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