Located in Westchester County is the city of Mount. Vernon. Last week a surprise announcement came that took residents by complete surprise. It was announced that the Mount Vernon Center For Animal Care will be closing its doors. The shocking news has stirred up quite the reaction in a short amount of time.

Why the Decision to Close was Made

Apparently, this sudden decision stems from a recent partnership the city of Mount Vernon reached with the humane society of New Rochelle. Details of this new partnership are not currently known. It was announced recently that a news conference will be held to address the concerns that many people have had since the surprising closing announcement.

A Loud Public Response

To say that the people of Mount Vernon did not take kindly to this news would be a great understatement. Over the weekend people of Mount Vernon joined together in protest of the city's decision to shut down the shelter. Former Mayor of Mount Vernon seemed to echo the frustrations of the people perfectly stating...

Without public notice, without a public hearing, without any official warning, they just said we’re shutting it down on a Friday afternoon. Goodbye and good luck, and they punted the problem to another community.

In addition, residents voiced that they will organize more protests between now and the impending closing of the facilities, as well as attend the next city budget meeting which is scheduled for the end of this month.

The Shelter's Response

While the news of the closing shocked and even angered many within the community, the individuals who work at the Mount Vernon Center For Animal Care have one goal right now. That goal is to make sure the remaining animals in the shelter find their new homes before the closing. The shelter is still accepting help from volunteers and are looking forward to adopting out as many of their current residents as possible.

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Hopefully, some more positive news for this situation comes soon. More importantly than that, hopefully some sweet animals will soon find their new forever homes this holiday season.

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