Making the decision to adopt a pet is a big one but when things don't quite go as planned, is returning the animal to the shelter where you adopted a solution?

That's the situation that the folks at the Middletown Humane Society are dealing with today as a cat that was adopted two years ago has been dropped back off at the shelter. According to a post on the Middletown Humane Society Facebook page, "Chestnut" the cat was adopted 2 years ago as a small kitten by a couple from Pine Bush and with no warning was "DUMPED" on Friday to the shelter by what the shelter calls, "his very angry and mean owner".

The Humane Society said that Chestnut's owner showed up with the cat in a carrier on Friday "yelling and screaming about having already spoken to a male manager" about their issues with the cat. According to MHS, they were confused with what the owner was talking about because they haven't had a male manager for more than 7 years. The issues the couple had with the cat are unclear at this time but the humane society did say that all of Chester's vaccinations were expired when the couple left him.

Middletown NY Humane Society/Facebook
Middletown NY Humane Society/Facebook

Want to Adopt Chestnut?

MHS did say that they did update, "this sweet and scared boys vaccinations and have integrated him into our adult cat room so he doesn't have to be caged while at the shelter. If you or someone you know might be interested in meeting Chestnut MHS is asking anyone to fill out an application online here. They also said, "Chestnut seems to like other cats but we do not know if he has ever been around dogs."

As far as the previous owners go, MHS posted that they plan to have them placed on a "DO NOT ADOPT" list to make sure that any other shelters and or rescues do not allow them to adopt in the future.

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