Steve Moakler wrote his newest single, "Born Ready," on the road, but the country singer says that isn't his typical writing process.

"I don't [write while I'm touring] very often," Moakler explained to the Boot in a recent interview. ""Born Ready" began on the road, and there's another song on the new record, called "One More Troubadour," that I also wrote quite a bit of on the road. But in terms of having formal writing sessions, it's hard to find the time and be in the right headspace while you're traveling."

When he's in Nashville, Moakler is a prolific and well-known songwriter: He has written for stars such as Jake Owen, Kellie Pickler, Eric Church and Dierks Bentley. When asked if he misses the writing sessions when he's away on tour, however, he shrugs: "By the end of a tour, I'll be really looking forward to writing some songs," he says, "but no -- not exactly."

"Something I love about being an artist is the cycle of seasons," he goes on to explain. "It's like there's touring season, and there's writing season. There's a season to be in the studio. It's almost like there are natural seasons, the way there is with weather."

In fact, the seasons of the year do tend to line up with Moakler's musical "seasons." His last album, Steel Towncame out in March of 2017, and he's continuing his five-year streak of touring in the spring and early summer with the Born Ready Tour, which kicked off at the end of March.

"There's definitely some overlap, and I really enjoy all of that," Moakler adds. "[But] I won't miss writing songs for a while, because I'm ready to get out and play 'em."

Moakler's fifth studio album, Born Ready, is due out on June 15, but is available for pre-order now. His Born Ready Tour will run through the end of May; details and ticket information can be found on the singer's website.

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