I'm not a crazy big fan of Disney movies, however, Aladdin is one of my all-time-favorites! I had the chance to go see Aladdin on Broadway this weekend and I'm still flying high on, what feels like, a magic carpet.

I went into it with no spoilers, only having read a few interviews with the leads, and with high expectations. It's a Disney production after all. Everything about the show was magical. The costumes, the set and more importantly the characters.

Just like the movie, the Genie stole the show.  Adam Jacobs, who plays Aladdin, looks exactly like what you think he would look like if he came to life. And well, the best musical number was without-a-doubt, A Whole New World. They actually had the actors up in the air (not over the audience though, bummer) on the magic carpet. It was insane!

If you get a chance to check it out, go for it! One of my favorite Broadway shows to date. Aladdin is currently in reviews, but is officially opening on March 20th!

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