In February of 2009 I saw the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. She wouldn't give me the time of day though.
February of 2010 she actually talked to me.
June of 2010 I left that gym and figured I would never see her again.
June 2010 to December 2011 something was missing in my life.
December 2011, "omg! I know those eyes! I'll friend request her on fb! I wonder if she'll remember me?"
February 2012, "friend request accepted!"'
Late February 2012, one kiss. "Wow. Omg! What is THIS feeling? I don't want it to ever end"
October 2012, SHE SAID YES!!!
July 2013, no question the best day of my life. The most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen, on the woman that wouldn't even speak to me, is now going to be my wife!" Talk about persistence and not giving up until you get what you want.
Happy 6th Year Wedding Anniversary to my wife. Here's to a lifetime of dreams, goals, tears and laughter.
I wouldn't choose anyone else to be by my side.

I'm selling this story to Hallmark.


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