So I finally did it. I engaged a Pokemon Go player today in my travels. For months now I have noticed a group of people hanging around at a certain time of day near my favorite place to stop for coffee and tea. I feel like I should not give up the exact location due to the fact that it seems for years to have been a Pokemon hotspot. (I have no idea what I just said or what it means.) I believe that means that you can play Pokemon at this location and score a lot of characters. Again not sure I have even said that correctly.

What I am talking about and I am sure you have seen it in popular spots near you, is that at a particular time and place a group of people will all be on their phones looking down enthusiastically and very busy doing a something that could be mistaken as texting but it is not. It is a group playing Pokemon Go. And for the first time tonight I learned that when they gather in a group of 6 or more they can do something together as long as they all agree to play along.

So tonight I did it. I approached the gentleman I see all the time at the location and mistakenly asked "So is it possible to catch them all?" His reply took me back for a moment. He said, "No, that's what the media ask so they can insult us for playing Pokemon." I replied with "oh, I don't actually play the game so I thought that was the idea, my apologies. So then how do you know you are winning?" And that's when another player replied "you don't win you level up."

The funny part is these same folks see me every night at least two or three times a week so you'd think they would have been a little more engaging but I guess I am one of those folks who would get picked last for a Pokemon team. (Probably because they have seen my outdated cell phone.) I also think it is bad PG etiquette to just walk up and start talking while they are doing whatever it is you do with Pokemon Go ..... I don't think I will ever know, but at least I asked.

So I found this 2 year old video that can sort of break it down for those of us who aren't in on the game. I feel it is only fair to mention though that from what I have witnessed this video maybe be severely outdated. However, watching it gave me more insight than the gentleman I spoke with tonight.

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