Welcome back Ty Herndon! If you aren't sure who or what I am talking about let me give you my version of the back story.

25 years ago Ty Herndon hit the country charts with a song that went all the way to number one. In 1995 when "What Mattered Most" hit the radio Hudson Valley country fans couldn't get enough and I was included in that bunch. Ty Herndon and his hit were everywhere. When he came to The Paramount Theater in Middletown I made sure I was in attendance front and center. He put on an amazing show, so much talent. He and his band were on fire. And his version of "You can Leave Your Hat On" brought the house down. There was no doubt he was a country star. He charted 17 singles and had 3 number one songs between 1995 and 2002. Then as fast as he came on the seen he was gone.

Back in those days rumors flew and in my opinion people just didn't get it. Like so many of my friends during the 90's Ty was caught between his career and his personal world. Ty actually touches on some of what he went through in an the interview below with CNN. What most people don't know is that Ty was recording music all along and now with his latest release it seems he is back and this time he is doing it his way.

Fortunately times have and are still changing, which is why it is so meaningful that Ty can revisit his hit "What Mattered Most" and make it ring true to his vision. I hope we continue to hear Ty's voice in country music for years to come.This is the new version of "What Matter Most" and to quote Ty he is "singing it the way he wishes he could have sang it back then".

Ty Herndon on CNN talking about the past, what's new and living his life "out" since 2014.

In case you never heard the original version of the song that introduced us to Ty Herndon you can check it out below.

Ty has a new album out and available titled "Got it Covered". It also contains a cover of Carrie Underwood's "so Small". If you want to catch Ty in concert he is playing Joe's Pub in New York City August 31st.

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