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Drone footage has captured eerily, beautiful footage of an abandoned theme park in Upstate, New York.

Western Themed Amusement Park Popular New York Destination

If you grew up in the tri-state area there's a good chance your family vacation in Upstate New York. Most likely in the Lake George area. Personally, my family and I went up every year for the first 10 years of my life and always made quick stops along the way home.

I very vividly remember stopping at a place that had cowboys and bandits riding around on horses. That place was Frontier Town. Remember riding in the covered wagons and being chased by the bandits?! Or watching the rodeo?!

Adirondack Drone
Adirondack Drone

Earlier this week I came across photos of Frontier Town in 2023. Memories unlocked.

Abandoned Frontier Town in 2023

Adirondack Drone captured amazing images of what is now the abandoned Frontier Town.  The theme park, which opened in 1952, closed their doors in 1998. Since then, there hasn't been much done to the site leaving the old buildings and attractions in ruins.

There are pieces of Pioneer Village still intact, which I'm pretty sure had an attraction where guests could churn their own butter.

Adirondack Drone
Adirondack Drone

There were talks about the theme park becoming a glamping destination in the Adirondacks, but those rumors quickly fizzled out. However, with that being said in 2018, according to Atlas Obscura, they opened a New York State run campground for tent and RV campers.

Adirondack Drone shared footage of the abandoned Frontier Town throughout November 2023. You can take a look at the gorgeous photos below.

Do you remember Frontier Town? Any fun memories from your last visit? Follow Adirondack Drone on social media to see incredible photos of some fantastic locations across the Adirondacks.

As with all abandoned locations

Exploring the Abandoned Frontier Town in North Hudson, New York

Adirondack Drone took to the skies and grabbed these snapshots of what's left of the abandoned Frontier Town in North Hudson, New York.

We can't talk about Frontier Town and not mention the Catskill Game Farm. Much like Frontier Town the Old Game Farm was abandoned for many years, but recently opened u as an Airbnb.

At one point in 2022 the Catksill Game Farm was for sale!

Own a Part of Your Childhood, The Catskill Game Farm is For Sale!

If you grew up in the Hudson Valley or tri-state area, the likelihood is you visited the Catskill Game Farm. If you're looking to relive those sweet childhood memories why not buy The Old Catskill Game Farm?

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