If you need any kind of motivation, this story is likely it.

Jeffery Paes is a 9-year-old from Florida, New York. Back in 2014, on Christmas Eve, Jeffery was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome, which is a rare heart disease. His mother Jennifer Costello tells Spectrum News that the intervals between Jeffery's heartbeats are long and if his heart beats before it should he could go into cardiac arrest. It goes without saying that being an active 7-year-old back in 2014 and getting that news is tough for a kid.

However, Jeffery didn't let that stop him. Jeffery said he was limited to two sports, archery and golf and according to the article his mother bought him his first bow a year after his diagnosis. It turns out that Jeffery has what it takes to be one of the best. Next month he is set to be named the New York State Youth Archer of the Year. He also happens to be a staff shooter at Northern Dutchess Archery and Sportsman Supplies in Red Hook.

Congratulations Jeffery! And maybe we'll see you at the Northeast Outdoor Sports Show in Rhinebeck on May 20 and 21. I heart Northern Dutchess Archery will have quiet the set up and I know some folks who need to learn a thing or two from you.

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