With every big event, Jess and I try to figure a way for us to wager on the event.

We decided that I would take Mayweather and Jess would take McGrergor and which ever fighter loses the fight, they would have top put a 9 volt battery on their tounge for 10 seconds.

If you missed it over the weekend, on Saturday it was the big fight that everyone was talking about. Boxing great, Floyd Mayweather Jr took on MMA superstar Conner McGregor live from Las Vegas on Saturday.

Mayweather Jr. was a heavy favorite going into the fight and I think after watching the battle, the fight was actually a decent fight that lasted 10 rounds as Mayweather scored a TKO in the 10th round.

Things looked really good for McGregor in the first 3 rounds, but as the fight went on, Mayweather just outlasted him and the referee stopped the fight in the 10th round as Mayweather was beating McGregor pretty badly.

So "Money" Mayweather wins and Jess gets the 9 Volt....

Another dud of a battery. UGH!!!! Gotta give Jess a A for effort and it looks like our next challenge will involve a weighted jump rope. Who can jump rope the longest? CJ or Jess? Find out Tuesday morning.

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