Some of my best memories growing up around the Hudson Valley came from going to summer camp with all of my friends. The same can't be said for a Orange County resident who spent some time at the Village of Walden Summer Camp.

ABC7 New York is reporting that 8-year-old Dougie Shermer left the Village of Walden Summer Camp on July 5 after his first day burnt and blistered by the sun after being told he could not reapply sunscreen. According to the Shermer's pediatrician, Dougie suffered from first- and second- degree burns from the sun.

Dougie's mother and father heard the same complaints from other parents of camp goers as well. 

Doug Shermer told ABC, "I talked to other parents. They had the same story with their children, that they weren't allowed to go get sunscreen. Not even the counselor to put it on, just for them to do themselves."

In an email to parents, the Village of Walden Summer Camp stated that camp counselors "aren't permitted to apply sun-block directly onto campers," however the campers can apply it themselves.

Dougie tells 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda that he asked his counselor, "Can I put on sunscreen?" Dougie told Nina that the counselor said, "No."

The Shermer family pulled Dougie out of camp after his first day and were denied a refund due to the camps policy. After 7 on Your Side became involved, the Shermers received a message and a $375 refund from a Paypal representative.

John J. Revella, Esq, Village Manager of the Village of Walden responded to ABC 7 stating:

The Village of Walden takes the safety of all of the children who attend our various camps, which are held throughout the year, very seriously. We are very proud of all of the programs organized by our Parks and Recreation Department. Approximately 7,790 children attend these programs over the course of a year. The Village has no further comment on this matter for your broadcast. My prior email was not on the record. Thank you.

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