If you have a dog you already know how curious they are when it comes to someone working in the kitchen, right? You might even joke that you don't need a vacuum cleaner because you already have a dog! Since it is already so hard to get an appointment with your Hudson Valley Veterinarian, here are a few things to remember to NOT feed your dog during the holidays, even if they give you a cute pathetic look or plop themselves in the middle of the kitchen floor.

  • Keep the fatty foods to a minimum. Maybe even try to just not give them anything fatty. Lean ground beef or lean turkey in small amounts, is sort of on the 'ok' list, but again, very small amounts.
  • No chocolate. That is something that you can never slip up on.
  • No alcohol. This includes all alcohol, egg nog, beer, wine, all of it.
  • No dairy. Believe it or not, while a small amount of cheese will help your pup take their medicine, but more than just that little bit, is a no go for your baby.
  • Just say no to uncooked meat, or doughs. Yes, this also includes cookie dough. Hate to be that person, but you shouldn't be eating any uncooked meat or doughs, either. Not good for anyone's stomach.
  • Also making the list of what not to feed them for the holidays, includes hard and soft candies and raisins.
  • Lastly remember, no bones. Unless it has been created for the sole purpose of bring a dog treat, don't do it.

These are also things you want to keep them from licking off the plates when they are loaded up in the dishwasher. Wait, yours doesn't do that? Just mine? Yikes.

Enjoy your holidays and spending time with your family, but make sure to know where the nearest emergency vet is, just in case.

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