You still don't have a gift to give for Valentine's Day? Don't worry, I got you covered. These 5 local gifts are sure to wow anyone.

1. Chocolates from Samuel's Sweet Shop
Samuel's Sweet Shop in Rhinebeck is famous for their candies, and owners. You can even step it up a bit and take your significant other to snap a picture in front of their kissing booth.

2. Wine from any Hudson Valley Winery
The Hudson Valley is blessed with a ton of great local wineries. As long as you know the kind of wine they like, you succeed with wine from any one of them. I personally recommend Whitecliff Winery in Gardiner or Benmarl Winery in Marlboro.

3. Dessert from Pastry Garden
My best friend had her wedding cake from Pastry Garden and it was delicious. I haven't heard a single person say a bad thing about them. So grab any dessert that looks tasty, bring it home, and have a nice night in (because if you don't have a gift yet, you probably don't have a dinner reservation).

4. Gift Certificate to the Spa at Buttermilk Falls
Usually, gift certificates aren't the best thing to give someone when you want to appear thoughtful. But who doesn't want a gift certificate to the beautiful Spa at Buttermilk Falls? Get them a certificate that fully covers one service, like a massage or facial.

5. $10 'Grab n' Go' Flowers from Montgomery Florist
I love the Montgomery Florist's $10 pre-made bouquets. They're always made that day and have a really nice selection of flowers. Plus, it's different than the usual roses.

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