You have seen them all over the Hudson Valley. They are the glorious signs that have signified a proud member of the class of 2020 lives nearby. Some towns have encouraged you to honk as you drive by. They have become symbols of an achievement that won't necessarily get it's pomp and circumstance this year.

For those of us who have graduated High School we can easily emphasizes with he class of 2020. Luckily a lot of schools have figured out how to make the graduation special even though the familiar ceremony must be skipped. So they have figured out that but have people figured out what to do with all those corrugated plastic signs?

You definitely don't want to throw them out. They are a sentimental treasure and they are also plastic which should be recycled. So I have come up with a few ideas for what you can do with your graduate's sign. Feel free to search the internet for more glorious ideas.

1 - Let your grad keep it to hang on the wall and when they get back together with friends they can have them signed it like a year book.

2 - Paint over them for any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries and more. That sign can be re-used in your lawn to tell the world about everything you celebrate in 2020 and beyond.

3 - Cut it up and use the pieces as dividers in drawers, on book shelves and in between anything else you need to separate.

4 - Cut the edges off and reattached to create a cool bin to hold stuff in your closet or wherever.

5 - Use it as a paint edger when your repaint your grads room after they head off to college. We know you are dying to turn that room into the home gym.

These are just a few ideas I had but feel free to investigate and imagine on your own. Some folks have even gone as far as making furniture out of the left over signs.

Good luck with your project and congratulations to the class of 2020.

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