Holidays are prime traffic time in the Hudson Valley, so don't get stuck on these roads. You'll probably find the worst drivers in the Hudson Valley on these roads too.

Because most people are headed out on a trip for holiday weekends, local roads become a nightmare. We've all been there, 5:15 p.m. on a Friday after work before a long weekend. You're either anxious to be home with a drink in hand or ready to get to your vacation spot. When you're out traveling during the holidays, try to avoid these Hudson Valley roads that are holiday traffic nightmares.

1. Any Road Leading To A Bridge
Route 9 leading to the Mid-Hudson Bridge? Don't even bother. 84 to and from the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge? Game over. Stay far and away from these roads if at all possible. If you absolutely have to cross a bridge, I wish you luck.

2. 84W From The Newburgh Beacon Bridge Through Exit 7N-S
After you've already experienced the nightmare that is the Newburgh Beacon Bridge crossing over to Orange County, you have to deal with even more traffic. Rush hours between the bridge and the Thruway are always rough, and they're even worse for holiday traffic.

3. NYS Thruway
This is especially true if you are traveling by the Woodbury Commons-Jersey/Nyack Area. When you're headed back from a long weekend, the Thruway is a mess coming from the Catskills to Saugerties.

4. Taconic State Parkway
I don't even need to say anything about this.

5.   9W Near Balmville
Without holiday traffic this road is packed, so imagine the horror that is any long weekend. 9W sucks as it is, but that stretch by Balmville is even worse.

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