People are always going to complain about the cold weather, but there are some benefits to the cold to take into consideration. 

  • FotoLesnik

    It's a Free Cooler

    Having a party? Fridge full? Good news, the cold weather will help keep your drinks cold. This rule will also apply to leaving food in you car. Just use your best judgement with leaving food in your car.

  • kjekol

    Not in Shape? Wear More Layers

    When it's freezing out, people aren't worried about showing off their bodies, they're worried about staying nice and toasty. This works to your advantage if you feel insecure about your body. Layer up, it's all good! A coworker said the following "you can wear the same shirt for like four days, and nobody would know because you always have your coat on". Boom! Mic drop!

  • 4774344sean

    Brings Us Closer

    When it's super cold out, the last thing I want to do is go anywhere. People tend to shut themselves in during the colder months. In turn, people are more likely to reach out to family friends via phone call, or text. It also gives you a chance to snuggle up with that special person in your life.

  • Jupiterimages

    The Cold is a Great Excuse

    Think about it, the cold is a great excuse for anything. "Hey, want to come to my kids party? No, it's just too cold out." It's that simple. Think of the possibilities! You can use it for anything!

  • ErikKarits

    There's way fewer bugs

    When it's colder out, we don't have to really worry about the annoying bugs that the warmer weather brings. No horseflies or mosquitoes to worry about. It's a huge advantage to the colder months.

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