Every few months I like to take a little peak at what's going on in the sky.

Sure, there are cool things flying through our skies. Like the meteor showers we get to see every now and then in the Hudson Valley. The Geminids shower should be showing up in the Valley this Thursday, December 13th.

While that's interesting and all, I like to check out the National UFO Reporting Center.

After a quick glance over the list, the Hudson Valley has reported four sightings since September. Not too many, but still something that is peaking my interest.

UFO 3d in the sky
Getty Images/iStockphoto

It looks like most of the sightings are in the Orange County area. One report states that a fireball was seen for around five minutes in Middletown. It was noted that they saw a "firey bright light above horizon, above the trees, moving towards sky, diagonally." That was on September 15th.

The next day, September 16th, another fireball was spotted in Middletown.

Ulster County had a few sightings as well. One being described as a light with "no strobe and no red and green lights."

The other description sounds like the person saw a plane as they said "no strobe and no red and green lights."

Do you have a UFO sighting story?


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