So who did what this past weekend?

Every Monday on the CJ in the morning show Jess and I give you a chance to get to know us a little better. We both try and keep track of some of the things that we do over the weekend and then every Monday we each bring 3 things to the show and give you a chance to call in and try to guess who did what.

The 3 things for us today were:

Person 1
1. Went to sweet 16
2. Went to Baird State Park
3. Got FREE wine

Person 2
1. Went to a first birthday party
2. Made rummy bears
3. Had lunch by the Hudson river

Who do you think did what? Find out the answer and get a little more detail of our weekend...

I so want one of the wraps Jess was talking about. Sounds so good.

Thanks for watching and playing along. Make sure your listening every Monday for 3 things from the weekend, its the easist way to get to know me and Jess a little better.

Have a great week!!

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