I guess 2021 started off with a batch of smelly eggs. So am I the only person who uses their camera roll in their cell phone as a way to do a year-in-review? I doubt it. I am sure many of you have scrolled through some pictures over the past few weeks or so. I hope you are looking back with a smile.

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I thought it would be fun to share a few things from my camera roll year in review. Mind you these are certainly not all of the pictures. No one wants to see everything I did in 2021. Trust me you don't, I am just not that exciting.

I am not saying I did only boring stuff in 2021 but honestly looking through someone else's camera roll on their phone can be very boring. I pulled out a few of the highlights that made 2021 noticeably better than 2020.

Things that got left out of the Gallery

Me and my husband shoveling snow. Not exactly your Ralph Lauren snow photo.

My dog sleeping on the couch. I must have 100 of them.

My Meatloaf. It tasted better than it looked.

Photos of Easter candy. I took them for a top ten list. If you've seen one Jelly bean you've seen them all.

Photos of the flowers in my garden. They are pretty but I am sure yours are just as nice.

Pictures of me playing golf. I forgot how many times I played, there were a lot of photos.

Pictures of antiques. Nothing you couldn't find yourself at your local antique store.

So what did make the Gallery? Look below

Camera Roll 2021

I thought it would be fun to sort through my camera roll and see what were some of the highlights from 2021. I learned I spent a lot of time eating french fries and everything else is so random. Hudson Valley I am not sure if my year in review camera roll is all that interesting but I know I wouldn't trade a moment, isn't that what matters?

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