You may or may not know that each year the retail giant Neiman Marcus releases a gift list just in time for Christmas. They used to do the ultimate couple gift. One year I was actually involved it the gift giving of one of the exclusive gift ideas. It was back in the early 80's. The gift that year was his and her polo ponies and a guy at a farm where I worked got the gift for he and his wife. I actually cared for the adorable beasts until they were delivered Christmas morning.

I use to keep up with what the gift ideas were each year on the off chance that I would become stupid rich enough to actually afford one of the gifts on the list. Still have n't won the lottery so that bucket list accomplishment is still out there, however I may take it off the list. I was looking at this year's choices for the lux gifts and none of them appeal to me not even the "Secret Agent" gift.

Could it be that I have learn to live more simply? I am going to go with "No" only because I realize if I did have money to burn I'd have a hefty list of things I would be purchasing. I actually think that this year's list is a bit disappointing. Travel, Art, Sporting events even a yacht. It all seems so predictable. The only thing on this years list that I would consider is the Custom Candy Bar. No one ever says "No" to candy. I could get used to having a wall of candy to choose from on a daily basis. However my dentist would probably have something to say about it.

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