Calling all art lovers who love to experience art has it happens. On Saturday, October 17th you can take in the beauty of fall in the Hudson Valley while you watch local artists turn the picturesque landscapes of the Mohonk preserve into collectible pieces of art.

The Mohonk Preserve's Testimonial Trailhead (35 Route 299 near Gatehouse Road) will be the site of the inaugural Plein Air Art Walk schedule for October 17th from 10 AM to 3 PM. Everyone is invited to enjoy art and nature during this event featuring 18 artist from around the Hudson Valley. Stroll Pin Oak Alley and the nearby trails while watching artist work their craft painting and sketching the views they see into scenic pieces of art.

The artists for this event have been selected for their talent. They are a recognized group of Hudson Valley artists. Each of them will be located all along Pin Oak Alley and throughout other trails that head out towards the Mohonk Ridge. Members of the preserve will have free admittance to the walk. Non-members will be charge a day-use fee of $15 for each adult. Children 12 and under will be free. Maps to the artists will be available once you arrive to the trail head.

All art from the day will be offered for sale. Sale of the art will benefit the participating artists, Roost Studios and the Mohonk Preserve, who are both co-hosting this event. You must register in advance to bid on a piece of art from the walk. Sign up to bid on the art.  I'll have my eye on a few artists. Katherine Gray, Mira Fink, Stacie Flint, Howard Miller, Daniel Shornstein and Marlene Wiedenbaum are on my list but you should go for the walk and see all of them for yourself. All of the artists selected to paint on the 17th are very talented and worthy of being added to your collection.

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