Did your Mom ever tell you not to eat something before you went to bed because it would keep you up all night? Or maybe you have heard the old wives tale that eating spicy food before you go to bed will give you nightmares. Well the truth is what you eat does effect how you sleep. It seems the busier we get the more researchers do studies to see how well we are sleeping and what happens if we don't get enough good sleep.

Good sleep was in the news again this past week, CBS News reported on foods that help us sleep. I also found a great list from Read Digest which is share below. It is definitely worth the read. Remember the old adage that a glass of warm milk would insure a restful night, well it turn out my favorite snack has the same effect. However, I think the wine counter acts it a bit. Anyway, there is also a surprise on the list that has more tryptophan than turkey but I don't think it is readily available in New York so we may have to stick with kale. Yes, kale helps you sleep.

I don't know if these Elk Burgers will help you sleep but it looks like great BBQ

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