Off and on throughout the year you will see articles reminding you about things you should keep in your car. There are lists for the winter and lists for the summer. There are lists for when you plan a trip. But what about just everyday life? What should be in your vehicle that you can just grab.

I want you to take a moment and think about a time when you were somewhere with your car and thought, "I wish I had packed that" or my other favorite "I wish I hadn't taken that out of the car". It has happen recently hasn't it? We, by nature clean out our cars. Ok, well some of us do. Some of us also look like we live in our cars. But my point is you probably have had a time or two in the recent past when you needed something that you used to keep in your car. And no I don't mean your re-usable grocery bags.

Now before you go loading your life into the trunk of your car like you are in some mobile version of Let's Make A Deal. You know, the old Monty Hall game show where people always had the weirdest things in their purse or pockets. Take a moment an think about what you might want to have handy on the road. Maybe it's as important as a first aid kit or as simple as an extra pair of socks.

Start by making a list. Then start stashing your creature comforts in your car. I have known people who have even kept board games in their car on the off chance they may wander into an opportunity to play a game of Monopoly.

13 Not So Strang Things to Keep in a Car

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