Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it is easy to get caught shopping at the last minute. Maybe it is the result of our shopping exhaustion from the holiday season but it seems that Valentine's Day gift buying often happens on February 13th. Hopefully you have given some thought to what you will be getting that special someone this year. And if they are smart they have left a "wish list" somewhere a giant hint so you can find it.

I have always enjoyed Valentine's Day. I shared last year that one of my favorite memories of the day as a kid was when my mother would greet my sister and I on Valentine's morning with the famous Russell Stover Red Foil Heart full of amazing chocolate. She has passed but I still keep the tradition each year by getting my own.

I never really get caught up in all the "what did he get me" hype. I have to be honest the ultimate Valentine's Day Gift has never been in the budget. I can be a ridiculous dreamer and each year I come up with a bigger a better gift idea as I sit back and enjoy my red foil heart of chocolate. This year I am dreaming of the Chocolate and Jewelry being combined in the form of either of the two brown diamonds (also known as chocolate diamonds) that made this top ten list.

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