If you've been to more than one wedding in the last 20 years, you know that they're changing...a lot.  Here are some of the big changes expected this year.

What kind of stuff were they doing at the last wedding that you went to?  Do you remember?  Did they do a dollar dance?  Did they have a bridal party dance?  That might be an indicator of how long it's been.

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It feels like many of the trends involve a little downsizing (although not all of them). Some of the trends and traditions that we used to see back in the day seem to be fading away more and more these days.  But just as things disappear, we are seeing new trends that are emerging.

This year, it feels like people are moving away from the big huge productions that weddings used to be and toning it down a little.  Certain things are becoming more intimate and other things are just going away altogether.

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The pandemic is changing the way people do things too.  When people needed to start worrying about whether or not it would be safe to gather with that many people, or if there would be restrictions that would make them have to change their plans, they started to change the way they did things.

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Plus, the cost is always an issue.  Some of the things that are going away are things that bridal couples took a second to ask, "Do we really need to do all this just for one day?"  While there are still going to be huge, fancy, incredibly extravagant weddings, many brides are just opting out of the stress and the cost and downsizing where they can.

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