So in honor of 2018 being the Year of the Dog ,I thought it would be fun to look at some famous dogs. I am going to start the list with my little angel, Minnie Pearl. I adopted her from Pets Alive 9 years ago this month. Her first radio appearance was opening day at the Orange County Speedway. Ever since I can't get her out of the tailgate of the car.

photo by pq
photo by pq

So who are some other famous dogs we know and love?

Edgar Eldredge has become quite a celebrity and has added to his Dad Brett's cute factor.

Jake who was Dierks Bentley's pal for years will never be forgotten.

There is Snoopy the lovable Beagle.


Eddie, one of TV's most lovable mutts.

The dog from the State Farm "Following" Commercial who taught us to "lift the weight of caring by doing."


Lassie the cutest collie ever.

Benji the furry superhero.

And of course Hooch, well he's just a mess.

Budweiser Lost Puppy who still tops the Super Bowl ads of all time.

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