What mystery do you think they're on the way to solve? Wrong answers only.

Like, woah Scoob. Where are you? If Scooby-Doo isn't in that van then I'm not sure where he is.

Is it just me or is the Hudson Valley getting stranger and stranger? There's been some weird things spotted around here. A few months ago an eel was spotted in the woods. A fox with a deer shaped head was seen in a local residents backyard, and a mysterious beam of light was caught on camera on a Hudson Valley highway.

I've been saying for a year now that if there is another X-Files reboot then it could take place in the Hudson Valley.

If we cant' have Mulder and Scully then I guess we'll have to settle for Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Fred an Velma.

If you watched the popular cartoon then you are well aware of the Mystery Machine.  The popular show aired in 1976 and despite only lasting three seasons it has become a cult classic. An almost exact replica of the Mystery Machine was spotted in Walden, New York. Have you seen this thing roaming the streets before?

Mike Mack
Mike Mack

Are there haunted houses in the area? If there are then my guess is that they are on their way to one of them.

If you have more pictures of the Hudson Valley's version of the Mystery Machine be sure to send them to us.

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