"Chicken Fried," "Toes," "Jump Right In" and many other Zac Brown Band songs are great tailgating and party songs. So when you usually think of ZBB you think of a "cold beer on a Friday night" right? While I'm sure you wont be able to shake that vision of a beer drinking Zac Brown, use your imagination a little bit and picture Zac with a fine red wine. Classy right?

Well you don't have to imagine any more. Zac has teamed up with winemaker John Killebrew to create a new wine. The wine, that is available now, is called Z. Alexander Brown Wines.  Their pitch for the wine explains "Zac's lifelong connection to the land and passion for bringing music, food and people together was a natural path to wine." And after checking out the website ZAlexanderBrown.Com you learn how they're pairing the wines and delicious recipes. Tacos and wine? Cookies and wine? Zac and John have the right idea.


No word yet if Z. Alexander Brown is available at and local Hudson Valley liquor stores, but you can buy them online at the website. $20 a bottle isn't too bad. I'll do some research this weekend and see if any bottles are available here in NY, but in the mean time answer me this...would you drink Zac Brown's wine? Should he get into craft brewing next?

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